Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Little Gym graduation day

Eliza had her graduation at Little Gym and won a medal! We are so proud! Ha! Ha! She loves going and playing with the other babies and loves playing on all the equipment. She definitely has no fear!

Fun at the Zoo!

I took Eliza to Zoo Atlanta with her Grammy, two cousins Madison and Leila and her Auntie Kathryn and Kaitlyn! We had so much fun though it was too hot!!! Eliza's favorite by far was the Elephant and the petting zoo. She is an animal lover!

May baby!

This month has been filled with trips to the pool, beach, many playdates, birthday parties and Eliza started WALKING! Big month! She started walking the week before she turned one, but just last Thursday decided to make it a full time thing. She is now ready to run! We have had one casualty so far and am anticipating many more in our future! The fun begins now! Eliza is also starting Daniel Island Academy which she will go to once a week so she can play (and mommy can too!!!) and learn, she is still taking her class at the Little Gym once a week which she loves and also starts a music class soon! The days are getting full! Loving summer, but wish it was a LITTLE cooler!

Eliza is ONE!!!!

Wow that went fast!!!!! What a year it has been! We had a little party for Eliza at home with our close friends and family and had a blast...until the CAKE!!!!! We had a minor accident when Eliza decided to touch the candle on her cake! Needless to say no cake was had by Eliza at her party. Even though she had a great time and so did we!

Eliza's first year

So I am a little behind on the blog, but hey, at least I am posting! Well, this past year has been amazing and life changing and I wouldn't change it for the world! I have experienced extreme sleep deprivation, throw up all over the place, poop squirting out of diapers, but I have also experienced the love a mother has for her child! From her first smile, to rolling over to standing up, crawling, and finally her first steps. Like all mothers I think my child is perfect and brilliant! I love having her in my life and can't wait to watch her grow! Here are some pics of her first few days! Wow how she has changed! Enjoy!